How to save costs on moving

Right now is the peak season of moving in Colorado. When the summer heat starts to beat down families everywhere love to uproot and replant in a better place. The 2017 year has been hotter than ever due to the housing marker increase, the demand for residential movers is way up!

Even with a growing demand for moving services, it is still possible to save money when moving your belongings from one home to the next. Below are some great moving tips for relocating on a budget.

Ask about "Off Days"

A good rule of thumb is if you are moving at the end of the month, you are probably going to be paying more for it. Many leases start and end at the end of the month, so there's lots of competition for these moving dates. Moving closer to the middle of the month or specific days of the week that people do not typically reserve will likely save you money when booking a mover.

Book in advance

We can not stress this one enough! Even if your exact move date is not finalized, try to make your reservation early.

Most moving companies offer "seasonal" rates and scheduling ahead could score you a great discount. It will also give you the chance to choose those hard to book dates such as the beginning or end of month. Moving is an important life decision and not an event you should take lightly. Moving companies know that when you are in a jam and making last minute reservations you are most likely desperate. This leaves them room to charge a higher rate than normal for those last minute spots.

Do it yourself!

You could always move by yourself to cut costs. However, you should not underestimate he cost of a self move. Even with great friends, the cost of moving yourself could still be in the hundreds of dollar range. One way to save is to start collecting boxes weeks prior to your move. There are also great websites like Craigslist that you can often find that people are giving away for free.

Plan a quick route from one location to the other and be sure to eliminate any unneccessary stops. This will help to cut down on your fuel and toll costs.

Instead of renting a moving dolly, try DIY ideas like using an office chair to push items that were heavier down the driveway. The chair will slide up any moving ramp with ease. You could also substitute towels, comforters and blankets for those costly moving rental pads.

Be selective in what you’re taking

If you don’t envision yourself using an item in the future, get rid of it before your move. There’s no sense in taking up square footage or weight in the truck with items that you don’t really want anyway.

While you’re at it, take measurements to see what will fit in your new home. You don’t want to move a big sectional couch and pay for that [to be moved] to find out that it won’t fit in the new home after all.

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