Funny Moving Fail Videos

Sometimes we all have to laugh a little or we would just cry. Moving can be stressful, but it's never been more stressful than for some of these guys. Check out these funny moving fail videos and if you have a horror story, be sure to leave us a message in the comments. For a stress free move call 720-338-4247 or visit


A woman calls the person filming over to witness these "professional" movers catapulting their buddies boxes and other belongings up to the balcony of this apartment complex. Everything goes some-what okay until they decide to try a few electronics.


Face it. Your buddies are not moving professionals. You'll see here why sometimes it's just better to hire a professional mover. WARNING* There's a little graphic language in this one. We can feel his pain.


This piano doesn't get very far after this professional tries to relocate it. We think it was a successful load, except for that whole moving dolly incident. We're guessing professional moving blankets really aren't this companies thing.

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