Don't overlook these moving essentials

Packing for a move? Don’t forget your first day necessities– the easily overlooked essentials you’re going to need on day one in your new home. With all of the planning, packing and general craziness that comes along with the whole relocation process, it can be easy to forget a few small things that happen to make a big difference on moving day (and immediate days after). After all, your phone charger and toothbrush are the last things you want to be frantically searching for after a stressful moving day. So, without further ado, here are 9 easily overlooked essentials that we highly recommend bringing with you or purchasing as soon as you arrive in your new digs. Good luck!

Basic cleaning supplies – You’ve dreamed of that first, glorious moment inside your new home. The closets are spick-and-span, the floors are gleaming and the toilets are clean. Except, they aren’t. Chances are good that the home you’re moving into won’t be in tip-top shape when you arrive. Even if the previous owners had the place cleaned before you moved in, the home is still going to have a few dust bunnies hiding in the corners – not to mention, the floors are sure to get somewhat dirty during the move. After several relocations myself, I’ve learned the hard way that you need to have cleaning supplies on-hand during the first day of a move. Some supplies to bring with you, include:

  • Paper towels

  • Multi-purpose cleaning spray and clorox wipes to sanitize surfaces and the inside of the fridge

  • Small vacuum or handheld vacuum

  • Rags and sponges for dishes

  • Dishwasher detergent

  • Laundry detergent

  • Broom and dustpan

  • Toilet bowl cleaner

Clothing hangers – When packing your things, I suggest loading up all of the clothing hangers in a clear, plastic bin, so that you know exactly where they are in your new home. Otherwise, you could find yourself tearing through every one of your boxes in search of something (anything!) to hang your clothes on. After unpacking your kitchen and making your beds, put all of the hangers in your various closets. This way, you can hang your clothes as you unpack your clothing boxes, and you won’t waste hours every day looking for your garments.

Batteries – One of the most commonly overlooked items also happens to be one of the most

important items when it comes to packing for a move: batteries! Trust me, you’re going to need them during the first week. Whether it’s a TV control that won’t work or a smoke detector that won’t stop beeping, not having batteries on-hand will drive you crazy that first few days and nights. If you’re not sure whether your power will be on during the first day/night, you’ll also need flashlights – and of course, more batteries.

Toothbrush – Make sure you know where your toothbrush is located (and your toothpaste, while you’re at it). Don’t forget to toss this very necessary, yet often forgotten, item in your all-important toiletry bag.

Toolkit – Whatever you do, don’t forget your toolkit! If you pack it with your belongings, make sure you’ve clearly labeled the box. The chances of you needing a toolkit during the first day and week of living in a new home are very high. While you may not be hanging pictures on the wall yet, you will probably need simple tools, like measuring tape and a utility knife, on day one in your new home. Check to make sure your toolkit includes the following items before moving:

  • Hammer

  • Multiple-sized screwdrivers

  • Measuring tape

  • Pliers

  • Utility knife (for opening boxes)

Fire Extinguisher – Safety first! If you plan to test out your kitchen by cooking dinner during the the first week in your new house, you’re going to need a fire extinguisher on standby. Whether you moved the fire extinguisher yourself or purchased a new one, it’s important to have this little guy nearby just in case that oven doesn’t work quite like you thought it would. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your kitchen will help you control any accidental small fires that could pop up after the move.

Toilet paper – This one may be pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack a few rolls of teepee in their “first night” moving bag. Save yourself a trip to the convenience store on an already-hectic moving day, and pack enough toilet paper to get your family through the first few days in your new home. Everyone in the house – including your movers – will thank you later.

Chargers – Finally, don’t forget your electronic chargers! These could easily end up getting tossed in a random box or (god forbid) left behind at the former house. Make sure to pack everyone’s phone charger, computer charger and any other important charging devices into a separate bag or box. After all, no one wants to spend the first week in their new house with a dead phone.

If you’re not planning to personally bring these items with you on moving day, make sure to carefully pack and label everything in an easy-to-find box. Otherwise, you may be out of luck. While preparing for your move, make sure to also check out ASAP Movers LLC.'s handy Moving Planner Checklist to help you stay organized while you move. Visit us online at or call 720-338-4247 today for your free moving estimate.

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