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Limits of liability


Here at ASAP we pride our self for being one of the Denver moving companies without all of the hidden costs!  We hope that you will be pleased with our full service moving company, and will take full advantage of all the moving and packing services we have to offer. In order to avoid any misunderstanding we ask you to take a few moments and review the rules and regulations of our company before scheduling your movers. By reserving an appointment with ASAP Movers you agree to the following terms as well as any additional terms provided on the ASAP Movers contract upon arrival of your move. You may also contact us at 720-338-4247 if you have any questions! Thanks for choosing ASAP Movers for all your relocation needs.



Labor, Truck Rental & Travel


The estimate provided by ASAP Movers (“ASAP”) is generated using the information provided by the client via our website “Estimate Form,” over email correspondence, and/or the phone, as well as our considerable experience in assessing similar moves. Estimates are not flat rates or “do not exceed” amounts. The vast majority of our moves are completed within about an hour of our stated estimate. However, in some cases a move may take longer, sometimes much longer. It depends on all the client’s belongings, how well those belongings were boxed up and packed, how long the walks are, how many stairs there are, how close parking is, etc., and how accurate the client was in furnishing this key information to us in time for the estimate. Traffic, weather and other “acts of God” can of course also have a significant impact.


Your use of ASAP Movers for any moving, packing and unpacking services, loading or unloading services to and from your moving truck, storage container, or storage shed, boxes and packing supplies, the number of moving laborers you hired from ASAP Movers, and the total amount of hours you used ASAP Movers shall determine your final costs.  For local moves your start time will begin at your first location and will end when all of your belongings have been unloaded at your final destination, and the ASAP moving truck has returned to the condition it arrived in at the arrival of your first moving location. (I.E. Truck is swept out, pads are folded, straps are hung, dollies are secured). All moves will incur drive time between all locations and ASAP movers is not responsible for unforseen traffic when traveling between locations.  For locations outside the Denver metro area you may incur travel time to and from our facility and in addition to travel time between locations unless other arrangements are specified and agreed upon  in advance to your relocation and written and signed by ASAP personnel.


Additional Services:


When our local movers arrive for a move, they assess the situation and let the client know if they see the move taking significantly longer than predicted. If so, in order to speed up the move and maintain ASAP's moving schedule for the day, we reserve the right to send in additional moving help at the rate which reflects your quoted estimate.



We believe these charges are fair and proportional, not punitive in any way.


Any additional services such as, but not limited to piano moving, gun safes and relocation of items exceeding 250 lbs., box delivery, trash disposal, storage, parking permits, building

insurance, crating and or full coverage insurance options, will require a safe moving team with a minimum of four movers. If oversized items are not discussed prior to your move we will be unable to relocate your oversized items for the safety of our moving teams.


Rescheduling by ASAP


ASAP Movers reserves the right to reschedule your move at a time agreed upon with the client, in the case of unforeseen circumstances that might make the move hazardous to the client’s possessions or our workers, including, but not limited to, snow, ice, rain, acts of terrorism, and acts of God.


If it is not possible to finish the move in the time allocated and movers available to us, ASAP Movers reserves the right to attend to the other obligations in our schedule before returning to complete the job.


In accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations, we must limit our workers’ workdays to 12 hours. If a worker reaches this limit, ASAP Movers reserves the right to postpone a job to another date or send in a replacement worker.


Rescheduling by client


ASAP Movers reserves the right to charge a $50 nonrefundable deposit for any move, which is not rescheduled within 48 hours notice from your scheduled appointment.  When clients cancel on short notice it can be difficult to find a replacement move for our crews who have traveled to work just for your move. If the client reschedules a move inside of this 48 hour timeframe this deposit will be applied to your new move date. If your move is canceled, this fee is nonrefundable. Please check that your buildings don’t have any move date/time restrictions, or elevator restrictions. 


Packing Supplies:


Please note that any packing supplies purchased from ASAP Movers will be charged at the rate currently listed on the ASAP Movers "Boxes" section of our website unless other arrangements are specified and agreed upon in writing by ASAP personnel in advance to your move date. ASAP Movers provides free moving and packing supplies for full service moves. A full service move requires packing services, staging services, load services, unload services, and unpacking services. Though ASAP Movers does provide a "re-staging service" at your new home you are not required to have your movers stage your new home. If your moving plans change and you are unable to have ASAP Movers unpack and return your boxes to our facility for continued reuse, you will be responsible for the cost of the boxes at the rates listed on our "Boxes" section of this website.





-Fuel charges will apply to all moves and will be determent upon reservation. If your pick up and destination address have changed you must contact ASAP Movers prior to your moving date. The fees assessed over the phone will only include the addresses specified at the time of scheduling your move. Additional fees for your fuel and mileage will apply if you add additional trips or addresses to your moving services contract after your reservation has been completed.


-Any out of the ordinary services will be charged upon the pick up or delivery, and will be determined as needed. (i.e. Hoisting, Oversized Items)


-Additional drive time fees will apply for moves outside the metro area. These additional dees will be asessed at the time of scheduling. 


-Additional charges will apply for Piano moving, Gunsafes, hot tubs, spas, and any other items exceeding 250 lbs. If your ASAP representative is not informed of these items at the time of scheduling, we will be unable to give you an accurate quote or safely move your oversized item. Items that exceed 250 lbs. require a safe crew minimum of four movers. 



-Though we proudly accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payment of your moving services please note that a 10% credit card fee will be charged in addition to your bill when using one of these cards. This fee will not apply for your initial $50 deposit if the remainder of your moving services are paid with cash prior to your unload service. 



Our "Motherhood of Payment" is a $50 deposit required upon reservation, and the full amount of the bill will need to be paid prior to unload. You may choose to make this payment for your moving services with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Cash.  Please note that ASAP Movers does not accept American Express, personal or business checks, or money orders for payment. 


You must be prepared to make payment prior to the unload of your moving truck. In the event that you are unable to make payment in full upon completion of your move ASAP Movers reserves the right to hold any and all belongings. Belongings held by ASAP Movers for non payment will be stored at a non access moving storage facility of our choosing. Also, In the event that you are not able to accept the delivery of your goods for any reason, we reserve the right to place these items in storage at your expense until you are able to accept the delivery. You will have no access to these belongings at any point prior to your bill being paid. An additional fee of up to $199 will be charged for storing these items as agreed to in writing per the moving services contract provided before your move and a $25 per day fee will be accessed until full payment is made.  After all moving fees and all storage fees are paid in full, ASAP Movers will deliver all belongings to your specified destination at an additional hourly rate, hourly minimum, and travel fee. No other moving companies may access this storage facility unless agreed to in writing by an ASAP representative. After a period of 30 days, your storage unit will default and your items will be disposed of or auctioned off in order to cover costs associated with your moving services.


A $50 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your movers. This deposit may be applied to one reschedule within 24 hrs. of your move date. Any additional rescheduling or scheduling outside our 24 hr. period of your move date will result in an additional $50 charge.  Any cancellations outside of a 24 hr. period will result in a two hour minimum charge. By verbally providing ASAP Movers with your credit card information during reservation for your non refundable security deposit, you authorize ASAP Movers to charge your card for the full amount of the bill listed on your moving services contract and agreement page and release ASAP Movers from any future disputes or charge back of any credit card transaction made to your account.



Parking: The client is responsible for obtaining safe and legal parking for the moving truck and local movers. Not reserving parking can add greatly to the walking distance necessary for a move and thus the time and cost. Any tickets or fines incurred during your move due to a lack of reserved or available parking will account for additional time added to the bill. If there are no proximate and safe parking options for a move we may be forced to reschedule in which case the rescheduling fee is the responsibility of the client.


Mattresses: For the protection of your belongings we require that all mattresses be covered in protective cases prior to your move. If your mattress is not in a protective case prior to our pickup, ASAP Movers will not be held responsible for dirt/damage which may be incurred, as at this time we do not require protective casing for couches or mattresses. 


Lost Items: Upon completion of the loading and or unloading of your goods at the origin or destination address, it is your responsibility to make sure that nothing is left behind. ASAP Movers will not be responsible for returning to any locations for left behind items on our moving truck. ASAP Moves does not inventory your shipment and will not cover "lost items" by our insurance policy. ASAP Movers will be responsible for physical loss of or damage to any articles from external causes while being held or carried in transit except for loss, damage or delay caused by and act, omission or direct order from the shipper. 



Waiving Liability: By signing your moving services contract stating that you have inspected your belongings upon delivery you agree that all your goods have arrived under the same conditions to its destination thus waiving ASAP Movers from any damage claims. If you find damage to your belongings upon inspection you must note them on your paperwork and have ASAP personnel sign for the damages. In the event of damages you must also send a written statement of damage, along with a copy of your receipt and any photos relating to said damage within 72 hours of completion of your move to ASAP Movers will not be responsible for physical loss of or damage to any articles waived by liability.



Payment: Customers must pay in full at the completion of the move unless other arrangements have been made with ASAP Movers in writing prior to the start of the move. The client or appointed representative must be present during the move and during the final “walk-through.” Payments submitted late may be assessed an additional 5% fee of the cumulative total, whichever is greater. This is to be charged at the discretion of ASAP Movers

ASAP Movers will not process any damage claims until payment for our services has been received in full either by cash or credit. We also will not process damage claims in the case of a credit card charge back.

We accept cash, and credit by discretion. No checks will be accepted for moving services. ASAP Movers may hire a collection's company to collect on debts owed and/or take legal action for debt owed. Customers are responsible for all costs of collection including actual attorney fees incurred per our moving services contract.



Additional Terms; Damages and Liability



Children and Pets: For safety reasons, children and pets must be kept out of the work area.


Dangerous conditions: Safety is paramount when moving. Our Denver movers are not allowed to work in unsafe situations like unsafe attics,  narrow or rickety fire escapes, on roofs, or in any situation where their footing feels compromised or that feels generally unsafe in their experienced judgment. Our movers may agree to riskier than normal maneuvers in some circumstances, but this is completely at their discretion, and ASAP Movers is not responsible for any damage that may result and we may ask you to sign a waiver to this effect.



Hazardous Materials: ASAP Movers is not licensed to move any hazardous materials, or potentially explosive materials or items, such as propane tanks and grills. We also are not licensed to move firearms of any type.


Freezers/refrigerators, waterbeds, and aquariums must be emptied and drained by the client prior to the move.


Though we will do our best, light scratches, scuffs, nicks, dirt, and other light damages are not covered by ASAP Movers damage policy. More severe damage is looked at by all parties involved and assessed before a decision is made.


Exceptionally Large or Heavy Items: As stated on our quote form, the client is responsible for informing ASAP Movers if they possess exceptionally large or heavy items, in order for ASAP Movers to come prepared with the necessary equipment and adequate movers for your move. In such a case, ASAP Movers reserves the right to send additional Denver movers to assist with the item at comparable rates to your original moving quote. If adequate movers are not available, ASAP Movers reserves the right to not move the item if it might result in a dangerous situation. If movers feel the exceptionally large or heavy item may cause damage in being moved, they will notify client of this possibility. If customer agrees, ASAP Movers will be as careful as possible, but is not responsible if any damage does occur to fixtures, walls, door frames, etc. while moving these items. Additional signatures to waive liability will be required if large items are present during the move which may incur these unexpected damages. If customer does not agree to these terms, ASAP Movers will not be able to move the items requiring this waiver of liability.



Additional Terms


ASAP Movers will not move or store any plants, laundry detergent, oil, fuel, water, liquor, shampoo, perfumes, body lotions or any other bottled liquid of any kind. We will not move any weapons outside a gun safe, poison, gas tanks, paint, stain, food and or Madison. ASAP Movers will not assume any responsibility for any damage accrued to your goods from boxes that are packed by the customer and not ASAP Movers. ASAP Movers will not assume responsibility for any items packed that contain such items or any state penalty we may receive for carrying or storing such items without our knowledge. (i.e. Uninspected boxed items).


ASAP Movers will not be liable for any documents, tickets, deeds, manuscripts, blue prints, bonds, notes, stock, stock certificates, plans, specifications, security bills, accounts bills, bills of exchange, evidence of debt, any packets of documents or other valuable papers.


ASAP Movers will not assume responsibility to any items with extraordinary value such as, but not limited to jewels, jewelry, gems, precious metals, gold, silver, or platinum items (including household goods such as silverware, coffee service sets, trays candlestick holders and dishes) watches, precious stones, pearls, minks, furs or garments accented in fur currency, money, bullion, art collection, stocks, bonds, stamps collection, pictures and picture albums, antiques and or cash, etc. unless other arrangements have been made upon reservation and given in written consent by ASAP personnel. It will be your responsibility to move such items, on your moving day and ASAP Movers will not be responsible for any boxes that contained such items.

Electronics and Mechanical Items: All reasonable precautions will be taken by our moving crew to assure electronic and mechanical items and equipment are transported in good working order. However, because of the inherent sensitivity of these types of items, we cannot be held responsible for the failure of such items to perform after being moved, unless there is visible physical damage clearly and specifically caused by our handling. Items covered by this limitation include, but are not limited to, televisions, stereos, computers, washers, dryers, other household appliances, antique clocks, etc.



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